West Rowan Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  It is managed by the Board of Directors. 

The directors are elected each year at an Annual meeting of Members in which all residents of the district are invited to attend.  This meeting is held on the second Monday of September each year.

The Board of Directors meet each Month on the second Thursday.  The meetings are normally held at Station 67.

The current Bylaws of West Rowan Volunteer Fire Department can be viewed or downloaded here.


 President Chad Kiser
Vice President Tony Wilhelm
 Jeff Brewer
 Secretary Kristen Melchor


 2017  2018  2019
Daryl Anderson Chad Kiser Dale Bogle
Michael Ellenburg Andy Russell Jeff Brewer
Craig Honeycutt William Melchor Eddie Mills
Tony Wilhelm Brian Bennett John Morrison

The year above each column is the year that group will rotate off the Board